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The Client

CenterBranch is a leadership company that provides keynote speeches, workshops, leadership development, and executive coaching. They help nurture and develop the 'center branch' of business' and their leaders so they can thrive.

When I worked with CenterBranch they were in the earlier stages and had no previous website or branding, they simply had a logo and were in need of a website and branding guidelines. After speaking with Stacy, the founder, I was enlightened to the meaning behind the name of the company. Leaders and organizations are parallel to trees. Both people and organizations have a CenterBranch, a core, and they are both rooted in something. Some have a CenterBranch of integrity, strength, service, growth, or ministry. I used this insight to craft her an uplifting brand.



Mood Board & Wireframes

From the start Stacy was very open and trustworthy of my guidance, her only request was to have the overall theme resounded with her message of the centerbranch. Having a personal attachment to nature and plants myself, it was easy to jump into wireframing and mood boarding (I could look at plants all day).


Brand Development

Three branding proposals were provided, which included variations of earthy color palettes, floral imagery, and organic brand patterns. Once a style was selected (or rather 2 that were melted together) three more website wireframes were delivered and the winner was chosen.

The winning color palette consisted of both vibrant and neutral tones. Vibrant being the lively green to symbolize new growth and the neutral browns to represent the stability of the earth. When delivering the style guide I made sure to name the colors to match the brand: Fern Green, Midnight Bloom, Birch, and Dandelion. The browns are set to be used the most of all the colors, however, green is actually the main color and is reserved for key focal points—like titles and icons. Instead of using a brand pattern (repeating shapes or illustrations), I approached with the idea of using photos of nature in both cut-outs and full photos as her brand pattern—so long as they were a tree.



In the end, a positive, uplifting brand was forged to not only uplift conferencegoers but also those at CenterBranch. If a company is based on building up individuals, it must also build itself up. Stacy was pleased with the clean, soft approach of the website and the incorporation of imagery to go along with her message. Her site now functions as a place for potential clients to visit to be inspired and motivated to have her help them grow great leaders.


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