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Case Study For

McCarty Companies

Website Design & Build | Logo Design | Branding

The Client

McCarty Companies is a single-source solution for comprehensive Civil Engineering and Construction Projects comprised of two separate operations, McCarty Engineering Inc. and McCarty Associates Inc.

McCarty Companies approached with a desire to refresh their logo and have a new website created. At the time, their site had very minimal information and was not mobile-friendly. They also wanted to simplify their logo while also bringing some color to it as it was a single color, black. I took the direction of creating a clean-cut design to amplify their professionalism and to showcase their work.



Mood Board & Wireframes

When tackling their logo design I chose another sans serif font that was very similar to their current logo and removed their tagline. The idea was to give emphasis on their company name first and let their site and other branding do the rest. I ended up with a dichromatic color scheme with greens (almost a monochromatic except for the black color) and used bright green for their new logo.

The first iterations of their site and logo started off with monochromatic blues and blacks to emphasize an old-school blueprint feel which included an engineering graphic in the background. The header areas would showcase the photography of their work, the two styles would go hand in hand to combine the two sides of the company—from start to finish.


Brand Development

The ending results were a dichromatic palette of green and black/grey tones. Hierarchy of imagery and headlines were used to control the importance across the site and branding overall (Images would go hand-in-hand with blueprints). Headlines and calls-to-action are set in green with body copy set in black. Very subtle actions were set when users would hover over cards and buttons, such as going from the bright green to the darker green. On the site, shadows were used to create a 3D effect to give an additional element, and pop, to the viewer—another subtle homage to the 3D work that McCarty Companies achieve.



In the end, McCarty Companies ended with a website that represented all aspects of their services from both of their combined operations. A clean pattern to express their engineering skills and photography that showed their successful project completions.


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